NSSpain 2014

In September of 2014 I popped over from the UK to the far sunnier and more pleasant city of Logroño in northern Spain for the second ever edition of NSSpain.

Great conference in a really rather nice part of the world. Great talks, great people and great wine :]

I presented a talk entitled To drawRect or not to drawRect - the slides for which are available on SpeakerDeck at speakerdeck.com/sammyd/to-drawrect-or-not-to-drawrect or you can see them below:

The accompanying arrow-drawing project is available on Github at github.com/sammyd/iOS-ArrowDrawing.

If you’re interested in finding more about the different CALayer subclasses, then check out the LayerCake project on github at github.com/sammyd/iOS-LayerCake.

You should also check out iOS8: Day-by-Day, and iOS7: Day-by-Day.


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