Functional Reactive iOS: Talk

All too often we as developers spend our lives working out how to get data from one part of our program to another. And then dealing with side effects associated with shared state. These are a couple of the problems that the functional reactive programming paradigm can help to solve.

In July 2014, I presented a talk at #bristech which looked at what exactly functional reactive programming is, and how it can help you with building your own applications.

The iOS part of the title is a bit of a misnomer - although my examples are all from the world of CocoaTouch, there is not much which is specifically related to ReactiveCocoa.

The slides are available:

The code for the two sample projects is available on github:

If you are interested in more technical detail about the project itself, then I wrote a blog post on the ShinobiControls blog, explaining how to link ReactiveCocoa with a ShinobiControls chart. I have also written an article about how to use Swift with RAC 2.x, and the power that the type inference and generics affords you.

I shall add the video to this page once it has arrived on the internets.

Feel free to gimme a shout on twitter if you have any questions / comments - I’m @iwantmyrealname.

sam x