I like speaking at conferences. I like it rather a lot.

Over the past few years I’ve presented talks, tutorials and workshops at conferences including the following:

  • iOS Dev SG
  • Swift Conf
  • 360iDev
  • iOSCon
  • RWDevCon
  • iOSDevUK
  • CocoaConf

Although I tend to present technical talks, on iOS topics, I’d love to broaden my horizons—by talking about other technical topics, and less-technical ones too.

Would you like me to talk at your event?

2017 is looking wide-open at the moment.

If you’d like me to pop along to your conference or meetup and wang on about some random topic, then please drop me a line.

Despite my anti-social tendencies, I love to travel to different places and meet different people who share a love and hate relationship with technology.