Hi. I’m Sam. I have what appears to be a very popular name. Most often I get the Sammy Davis Jr. joke, which I like - he’s a legend.

However, it seems that I’m also a world-class British yachtswoman with a penchant for naked sailing, a welsh Rugby player a cricketer and a meteorologist. I say meteorologist, but she looks more like a weather presenter off’ve the telly…

Anyway, having such a common name is good for some things - I can be pretty much anonymous on the internet without much difficulty, however when it comes to getting user names I can never have my name.

I couldn’t find any sensible twitter usernames - when all I really wanted was my real name :( Anyway, I’m rambling

Actually about me

I am the CTO of Razeware, the company behind raywenderlich.com. We make the world’s leading tutorials on topics including iOS, Android and macOS. I write tutorials and books, make videos and keep the infrastructure that provides all this content up and running.

I also like to travel around talking to people about things at various conferences. You can find links to talks I’ve given on this site. I’d like to come to your conference. Get in contact, and I’ll be there.

In my spare time I enjoy a spot of technical theatre, doing some stage management, and playing in the pit. I play trombone, and like to entertain the crowds with my killer dance moves in a Blues Brother Tribute Band. You should book us. We’re awesome.

This site

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