Hands On with Adaptive Layout

iOS 8 supports five different screen sizes, and as a developer you should support all of these. You have a choice: either create five distinct layouts, or get with the cool kids and learn to love Auto Layout and Adaptive Layout.

Adaptive Layout

I presented a talk at CocoaConf Chicago that covered the basics of adaptive layout in interface builder, via a live-building demo. We covered size classes, installable constraints, installable views, adaptive fonts and adaptive images in a truly interactive session.

Although the slides won’t mean a huge amount on their own, they’re available on SpeakerDeck (and below):

The sample project is available on GitHub at github.com/sammyd/HandsOnAdaptiveLayout. If you’d like to review the four phases of the development of the adaptive layout, you can check out the StarterProject tag, and then follow along with the remaining commits.

Alone, these artefacts might not be be especially useful. If you’d like me to visit you and present this talk, or a workshop based on the same concepts, then please do get in touch - sam@visualputty.co.uk.